Together with a range of “mannequin” floor lamps, we have now added this traditional standard lamp in our signature style.
While this lamp is in blues & reds and available now, your bespoke design can play with a multitude of parameters to suit your own castle.
The details:
– The clear glass table is 1cm thick toughened glass, with ground edges
– sitting atop a hand-decorated fibreglass mannequin bum, 45cmm high.
– Stem is a construction of birch-ply and hardwood, lacquered and polished.
– Overall height is 204cm.
– The lampshade is constructed in 10 panels of lined material, 45cm diameter x 43cm high.
– Lighting is with an 806 lumen bayonet bulb (old 60W equivalent). This is most adequate, but 100W bulb is safe to use if required. Red, white & blue fabric flex is 2m long.



A truly unique floor lamp.
We have combined a colourful, hand-painted bottom with a sturdy glass top to make a functional side table.
With the original design lamp shade you have a real statement piece.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 x 45 x 204 cm