About Lana Interiors


Lana Interior designs are fun, functional, colourful and quirky. The business was formed in 2015 with the desire to produce beautiful, high quality, functional pieces, as statement or complimentary objects to brighten any living space. Our products are all handmade, high quality interior furnishings, ranging from cushions to chandeliers as well as other unique revitalised items that excite.


Julie, Robert and Georgi are the team behind Lana Interiors. Our aim is to design and create high quality, colourful pieces of furniture and soft furnishings. Julie had studied interior design, initially choosing to specialise in period properties, but was drawn into the more contemporary styles of clean lines and vibrant colours. Robert has a background in design engineering and utilises these skills to design and make the individual pieces of furniture. Georgi joined the design team earlier this year when Lana Interiors wanted to add hand painted furniture to their portfolio. Georgi is a freelance artist who has transferred her canvas skills onto 3D interior objects. This is proving to be the perfect design team for pieces that are uniquely conceived.


Initially wool was the main material of choice, as our range of hand and machine knitted soft furnishings developed.

Only high quality yarn is used – Shetland for its hard wearing properties and colour variety- as seen in the back pads on the Jester Chair range, as well as Alpaca and Llama for their soft and warm properties which are preferable for the cosy cushions and throws.

Expansion of ideas led to the incorporation of wood as a main material to augment wool. Offering a multitude of natural grain shapes and colours, wood has become an important material and the theme of wood-and-wool runs through the furnishing range. The layered structure of plywood in particular, is enhanced in the lighting and seating pieces. Sharply finished, lacquered edge faces appear as exciting wafers of self-coloured wood grain within this immensely strong, engineered wood material. The Jester Chairs step up these natural grain colouring effects, by using slices and chunks of other wood varieties in the construction of the chair seats.

All of Lana interiors pieces use strong colour and textures to make impact and lend individuality to any room. Simple shapes and regular geometry repeats have been pursued to enhance the striking features of colour and texture.

Throws and cushions, hand and machine knitted, were the initial furnishings to follow this regime, followed soon after by re-energised chairs when we came across suitable subjects for restoration, which kindled our creativity.

Traditional and modern upholstery have both been adopted into the Lana Interiors portfolio to showcase colour and texture on functional seating.

Lighting as a major enhancer of colour and texture has always been a key factor in producing desirable objects. Embracing this has led to the design of a range of lighting which fitted into the wood- and- wool theme very successfully.

Upcycling or restoration is incorporated into our design range where this is relevant to our promotion of colour and texture. Thus, materials such as polished copper and glass blend with the wood- and wool core themes, demanding attention from the observer. Some of the furniture pieces are more obvious examples of larger scale restoration work, where these articles are re-energised. Other objects make use of more subtle upcycling, for example the “honey & marmalade” chandelier incorporated glass jars to add sparkle.

This remains as a highly bespoke service for our customers own pieces to be revitalised on request or for our own designs as they may appear to us.

Our designs range from a spectacular chandelier, commissioned by clients wanting a quirky but majestic lighting centre-piece for their high-ceilinged period home, to the 1960’s inspired psychedelic dining chairs – from three dimensional throws to unusual cushions.

  • Robert with a block of wood
  • Georgi painting a chair
  • Julie working on a chair

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